Ultimate Guide to Foreign Policy

For those with a masters in public administration and policy, many employment options exist in the foreign policy sector. This area of public policy is especially interesting for those who would like to work in politics, but not necessarily as an elected official. Many will find a varied amount of opportunities presented with a degree acquired from an accredited public policy graduate program

What is Foreign Policy

Foreign policy can be defined as the creation of rules and regulations by one nation in order to impact its relations with other countries. As nations being to see the value of globalization, this is becoming an increasingly important sector of public policy. Foreign policy can be either bilateral or multilateral, depending on how many relationships are established between countries.

What is foreign policy?: Foreign policy involves interaction with other governments. Those who earn their master’s in public policy and administration who wish to be engaged in this career will be strategically employed in positions in order to interact with other countries.

The role of U.S. foreign policy: U.S. foreign policy is incredibly complex and many facets exist for graduates of with a master’s in public administration and public policy.

Public opinion regarding recent foreign policy: Organizations that construct public opinion surveys often make polls to give foreign policy makers information on how the population feels. For instance, a recent public policy survey shows that Americans now feel less anxiety about the U.S.’s recent relationships with other countries.

Foreign policy administrations in the U.S.

Although one government exists in the country, many organizations help to establish and influence the state of foreign policy in the U.S.

The White House: The White House will have different foreign policy agendas depending on which party is in the house at what time.

The U.S. Department of State: This branch of the government seeks to advance the freedom of U.S. citizens by helping serve other countries. Policy issues may include women’s issues, health and human rights.

U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: The U.S. Senate wishes to oversee all the foreign policies established. From its founding in 1816, the committee has helped shape policies from the purchase of Alaska to the birth of the United Nations.

Council on Foreign Relations: This part of U.S. foreign policy seeks to establish relationships with other nations. Some issues that are discussed may be defense, energy, and the environment and terrorism.

Office of International Affairs: The U.S. Department of the Interior uses this organization to conduct international activities in the realms of science and conservation. This office serves to establish foreign policy that deals with endangered species and the preservation of world cultural and natural heritage areas.

Recent issues in foreign policy

China & Foreign Policy





China: China has a strong relationship with the U.S. government. One issue discussed within the two nations is the area of human rights and how China may need to focus on this aspect in the future.

Foreign Policy & Climate Change


Climate change: Climate change has been recognized by the United Nations as an area of pressing concern. The U.S. has started taking a larger role in addressing this issue by attempting to establish worldwide policies on the subject.

Afghanistan & Foreign Policy

Afghanistan: The U.S. has given itself a long-term goal of helping the nation of Afghanistan rebuild itself as a nation. The Middle-Eastern country has been embroiled in years of war and its borders continue to cause problems for many nations.

Foreign Policy & Counter-Terrorism

Counterterrorism: The U.S. has established a strong foreign policy toward countering acts of terrorism. Since September 11th, 2001, the U.S. has continued to strengthen its policies in this area.

Careers in foreign policy

Those involved in foreign policy may change careers often and move around between the different areas involving this aspect of public policy and administration. Careers in diplomacy are some of the most popular fields in foreign policy and offer the chance for some to live in another country.

Foreign consular offices in the U.S. : A foreign consular is a diplomat that helps protect U.S. citizens in foreign countries and may be employed in an embassy overseas.

Foreign service officer: Those employed within this field of foreign policy are typically responsible for the promotion of U.S. goods and services in other countries.

Diplomat: Foreign diplomats will often have a master’s in public policy and may work alongside consulars in other countries. Diplomats often transfer from one country to another.

Think tanks: Those working in think tanks may also be involved with the U.S. foreign policy agenda. These institutions, which are often independent of any government, still seek to create research that helps the country with establishing policies overseas.